Can an abstract image tell us something about reality? Why do we perceive what we do? Are our perceptions similar? How does our culture and personality affect what we perceive?

I love the magic of nature. I look for an essential quality of some small part of the world and attempt to illustrate what I sense. The idea is not for the viewer to see what I see, but to find one’s own personal concept of the image.

Some images come from observation and other images come from my imagination. Most images come from a combination of both.

Growing up close to New York City, I frequently visited the many museums and galleries there where I studied art from old masters’ works to contemporary creations. My love of nature, whether it be in the woods or along the shore has strongly influenced my artistic development.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University in painting and printmaking.  In addition, I have taken numerous courses at the Art Students League in New York City.  An avid photographer, I have embraced digital media as another way to create images both representational and imaginary. This has not replaced traditional paint on canvas, but has enhanced the creative experience.

My work has been shown at the Venice Art Center, Venice, Florida; Lexington Art Gallery, New York City; Raja Shop and Gallery, Khajuraho, India; Island Arts, Chincoteague, Virginia; Yellowhouse Gallery, Nags Head, North Carolina; and Island Art Gallery, Manteo, North Carolina. Works are enjoyed in numerous private collections.

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